Resume Writing

Resume Writing

Christina Herr

Military transition can be overwhelming with all the steps to take and the resources and events available. This is where I come in. In this video, you will learn 5 simple steps to writing a tailored resume from scratch.

Christina Herr, San Antonio, Texas -

Christina has spent her entire life empowering others! Whether it was her peers in school or group homes, friends, Airmen, her children, or other veterans, she has an exceptional ability to see the potential in others and works to help those individuals see it themselves. Christina often recalls her eleven years in the Air Force through stories of challenges and setbacks that she has seen herself and others through. She believes these stories are what connect the military and veteran community and inspire others to persevere through their own trials and tribulations. Christina spent most of her military career as a Personnel Journeyman, improving processes and assisting service members with career impacting programs. She is very proud of her deployment to Iraq where she spent 6 months supporting an over 350 persons flying and maintenance unit with their career programs and morale. Post service, Christina spent four years focused on her family and six additional years developing and managing resilience and suicide prevention programs and training in an Air Force Special Operations Wing. Currently, Christina is working towards a PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in performance psychology. She has also started a veteran success business and podcast. Christina plans to use her education, experiences, resources, and talents to empower the veteran community.

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