Feedback In The Virtual Work World

Feedback In The Virtual Work World

Diana Kawarsky

How can I organize my thinking about feedback? How can I organize my delivery of feedback? How can I use feedback constructively?
Most employees only receive feedback once a year. This can leave you in the dark about whether you are on the right track or not. Feedback can be a guide to understanding the expectations of your role and more importantly, can be a chance to improve your performance. Imagine you keep encountering the same obstacle to your work and don’t receive advice on how to resolve the issue until the end of a project review.

Checking in with how you receive feedback, and think about it, reflects in the actions you put into play. Once you’ve made a change, you then have to wait until the next project end to hear whether the changes you made were effective. Feedback is not just useful to identify areas for improvement, it can also give you ideas on how to streamline your work and constructive goals for yourself.

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