Try a Different Approach to Your Career Pursuits

Try a Different Approach to Your Career Pursuits

Mike Callahan
Too often, people begin their career quest by focusing on their resume and preparing for interviews.  While those topics are important, they should be pursued after the individual has taken some time to truly understand themselves and their priorities, explore the idea of developing more of an entrepreneurial mindset regarding their career and ultimately understanding how to have a stronger internal locus of control.
It is not about starting a business but it is about being more empowered and making decisions to pursue opportunities that are ultimately more in line with your interests, draw upon your personal abilities and are truly needed in today’s economy.

Mike Callahan -

Mike Callahan is currently Managing Partner with Callahan & Rose Consulting. Prior to that, he was Director of Career Planning and Development for the College of Business at U of M – Dearborn. In that role, he worked with employers to develop challenging internship and job placement opportunities. He was also on the adjunct faculty staff at U of M – Dearborn teaching Career Planning and Development courses within the College of Business. He is also a published author and has written two books on the subject of Career Planning and Development. His first book, I Inc, is used in the BA 300 Career Planning course and the second one, Tiger in the Office, is designed to help mid-career professionals with their career pursuits. During his 8 years in the Air Force, Mike was a Bomb/Nav Specialist and supported the computer systems on the B 52 G and H models. He was stationed at Minot, North Dakota, Fairchild AFB in Washington and spent 6 months TDY in Guam during the conclusion of the Vietnam War. After his time in the military, Mike spent 25 years with Electronic Data Systems in various project management and leadership roles in the US and in Latin America. Recently, he started a podcast called I Inc and Beyond. (It can be found on Google Podcasts and iTunes Podcasts). The podcast focuses on helping veterans, and returning citizens, become more empowered in the pursuit of their career aspirations. He is also actively supporting veterans in their career pursuits especially in the areas of program and project management.

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