Above The Fold – Linkedin

Above The Fold – Linkedin

Matt Scherer

If you remember newspapers of 10 or more years ago, their editors had the concept of “above the fold.”   They knew that if a person purchased a paper from a newsstand or a coin machine that they had to have a great photo, a headline and some content.   In this video, Matt Scherer will show you how to first define a purpose for creating or updating a profile.  Then, he’ll show you how to pick the right photo and headline.

Matt Scherer - mattscherer@gmail.com

Matt Scherer has helped thousands of people embrace the power of LinkedIn. He's the author of "LinkedIn For Military," (available at www.linkedinformilitary.com) now in its third edition. He also is completing a new book "LinkedIn For Learners," aimed at helping high school and college students make informed choices about future studies or vocational programs. That book is set for release summer, 2021. He welcomes LinkedIn connections and he can be found at www.linkedin.com/in/mattscherer.

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